5 Puns to Spice your Week

Imagine a trip to the top with no elevators ©Unsplash

1. Imagine a very tall building with no elevators. To cut the long storey, it has too many flaws.

2. She came back with a basket full of lemon and orange. Such a fruitful and colourful outing.
3. He couldn’t grasp what was being described, he was shown an image, then he got a clearer picture of it.

4. The lecturer had been saying “the universe of discourse” during the logic class whereas I had been thinking “the universe of this course”.

5. His thought was floating during the decimal class that he couldn’t get the point of it all.

©Peaceloving Ola Ahmed

Published by peacelovingahmed

Olawale Ahmed Alamu, the Curator on this site is a final year undergrad of Computer Sciences at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He's a curious learner and a lover of words, numbers and codes, which are the next basic building blocks of life after cells, atoms, bits and neurons. He plays with words and enjoys recreational mathematics while coding in his favorite programming language – Python. He has composed over 100 Puns and love reading about Prime numbers.

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