Venture into Machine Learning with Scikit-learn

The link below direct to the course information and enrollment page.

Machine Learning in Python with Scikit-learn

Fun MOOC has announced a machine learning course to be taught by Scikit-learn co-creator and core developers.

Scikit-learn, now sklearn is the most popular and often used library for machine learning.

It’s the go-to library after Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib.

Applicable in machine learning problems like binary classifications, logistic regression, decision trees, random forest and preprocessing text for NLP problems.

Published by peacelovingahmed

Olawale Ahmed Alamu, the Curator on this site is a final year undergrad of Computer Sciences at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He's a curious learner and a lover of words, numbers and codes, which are the next basic building blocks of life after cells, atoms, bits and neurons. He plays with words and enjoys recreational mathematics while coding in his favorite programming language – Python. He has composed over 100 Puns and love reading about Prime numbers.

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