Udemy Courses with Certificates for Free – 30/05/2021

Limited Time Offers! (24Hrs Max)

Links directly to course pages with coupons applied.

1. Build Recommender Systems with Machine Learning and AI

2. Machine Learning with Google Colabs

3. Structured Note Taking – Plastic Card Organization

4. Aerospace MasterClass – Aircraft Design

5. SQL Server Administration

6. Introduction to Astrophysics

7. Time Management Success

8. Hiring Process – Talent Management

9. Python and Django Framework for Beginners

10. Quality Management Auditor Course

11. Adobe XD User Experience Mega Course

12. Time Management and Increased Productivity

13. Marketing Analytics and Retail Business Management

14. The Self-Taught Programmer

15. HR Analytics with Microsoft Excel

16. Java Practical Guide with 500 Examples

17. Java Object-oriented Programming – Basics to Advanced

18. Git Practical Guide for Developers

19. Functional Programming in Java

20. Java Collections Framework

Published by peacelovingahmed

Olawale Ahmed Alamu, the Curator on this site is a final year undergrad of Computer Sciences at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He's a curious learner and a lover of words, numbers and codes, which are the next basic building blocks of life after cells, atoms, bits and neurons. He plays with words and enjoys recreational mathematics while coding in his favorite programming language – Python. He has composed over 100 Puns and love reading about Prime numbers.

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