Udemy Paid Courses with Certificates for Free – 10/09/2021

Limited Time Offers. Links directly to course pages with coupons code applied.

1. SAP Business Analytics Essential Training

2. JQuery Ultimate Course

3. Adobe Illustrator Ultimate Course

4. Data Warehouse and Power BI for Beginners

5. Freelancing Mastery Course

6. Learn HTML5 with Real-World Examples

7. Copywriting and Content Marketing Course

8. Learn Server Infrastructure

9. Digital Marketing Strategy Course

10. Complete Guide to Pinterest and Pinterest Growth

11. Database Administrator Course

12. Basics of Database Design and Development

13. Microsoft Power Automate Ultimate Course

14. JAVA for Beginners

15. SEO Strategy Course

16. JavaScript Ultimate Course

17. Learn AlpineJS for Real World Projects

18. MS Word for Novice

19. Gmail Productivity Ultimate Course

20. Google Docs Ultimate Course

21. 30 CSS Exercises

22. Build Your First Voice Assistant in Python

23. Reverse Engineering, Debugging and Malware Analysis

24. Write a Business Plan – Step by Step Guide

25. Effective Time Management Skills For A Productivity Boost

26. MS Excel Beginner to Expert Course

27. Lear A to Z of UX Design

28. Make a Complete Racing Game in Unity 3D

29. Python for Data Science & Machine Learning from A-Z

30. Build a To-Do List App with Node, Express, React and MongoDB

31. Python for Absolute Beginners® | Zero to Expert

32. Complete Figma Megacourse: UI/UX Design Beginner to Expert

33. Learn Branding and Brand Management

34. Python Programming From A-Z

35. The SQL Programming Essentials 2021 Immersive Training

36. Learn WordPress

37. CSS And Javascript Crash Course

38. The Complete Dart Learning Guide

39. Python Complete Course For Beginners

40. C# Full Course in 5 Hours [in Arabic]

41. Startup Marketing and Startup Entrepeneur Revenue

42. Management Consulting Presentation Essential Training

43. React Projects – Build a Calculator

44. Build a Web Page with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from Scratch

45. Google Analytics For Beginners

46. Zero to Hero in Microsoft Excel

47. MERN Stack with Blog Project

48.  Build a Personal Blog using GatsbyJS

49. QuickBooks Online – Start to Finish

50. Python And Flask Framework Complete Course

Published by peacelovingahmed

Olawale Ahmed Alamu, the Curator on this site is a final year undergrad of Computer Sciences at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He's a curious learner and a lover of words, numbers and codes, which are the next basic building blocks of life after cells, atoms, bits and neurons. He plays with words and enjoys recreational mathematics while coding in his favorite programming language – Python. He has composed over 100 Puns and love reading about Prime numbers.

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