Zuri Training – My Experience So Far.

The Zuri x I4G training and internship opportunity is a software development program set up by @theZuriTeam and @ingressive4Good . They aim to equip African youths with digital skills like UI/UX, Mobile Apps Development, Frontend Web Development, Backend Web Development and Product Design.

My experience so far has been amazing. I saw the link to apply for the program on a friend’s WhatsApp status. I applied and got accepted. I got an invite to the slack channel and joined.

I felt elated by the number of people on the introduction channel on slack. I believe this kind of program will have a huge impact on the youth and advancement of the continent.

I also got overwhelmed by the sheer amount of messages in the various channels. I had to mute some channels that are not so important like random, and I read only the main messages on the announcement channel and few of the replies.

The organizers are trying in the ways things are set up in an organized manner. The prompt responses of the mentors too have been really helpful.

I have realized so far in the program that the hack to getting things done with little setbacks is by following instructions and learning from the mistakes of others. This has really helped me up to this point.

I look forward to an even more exciting experience and I hope the program is sustained annually. Kudos to Zuri and Ingressive for Good. I wish all learners a wonderful experience.